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Update 06

Senate Vote Results

Thanks to your efforts, the World Senate approved Mission Psy Prime to explore and study the new planet of its namesake. Mission Psy Prime proudly borrows its name from the successful Axiom project that first discovered the potentially habitable Planet Psy Prime.

Update 05

Debate in the Senate

Axiom was honored to earlier present to the Senate a detailed and full program for geological, cultural and technological studies of Psy Prime. With our team of the world’s best space engineers and aerospace mechanics, the possibilities truly are endless.

Update 04

Images of Psy Prime

We’re captivated by the discovery of this intelligent species on the exoplanet Psy Prime and we’re prepared to share new details and images of the planet taken from our probe before it was destroyed.

Update 03

The Discovery

Our DX700 probe has reported data and images back to Axiom with data and images to answer the eternal question, once and for all, what us here at Axiom have always known in our hearts to be true, that a habitable world with intelligent life exists within our reach.

Axiom is proud to share an unprecedented moment that will define a new era of our civilization. We have discovered a planet with sapient life.

Update 02

Probe Mission

Two days ago Axiom Space Agency initiated a deep-space un-manned probe mission to uncover more details about the recently discovered potentially habitable exo-planets.

Update 01

Potential Planets

Imagine a new world. A new planet. At Axiom, we are on the cusp of discovering the unknown.

In a renewed interest of searching for life on habitable exo-planets, made possible by advancements in recent technological breakthroughs, Axiom is prepared to make this possibility a reality.

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