At Axiom Space Agency we believe in conquering the impossible in science and technology for a better world through our philosophy of Hope, Curiosity and Achievement.

From our humble beginnings, Axiom has grown into the largest corporation on the globe whose mission is to explore the galaxy. After leading the way in triumphing the moon and space rocks that orbit our planet, Axiom now partners with the world Senate to establish the resources and technologies our space scientists, military engineers and aerospace mechanics use every day to advance our understandings of the universe to discover and explore what’s next.

Because what’s next for the security and betterment is what we have yet to find. Our culture explored the caves, crossed water, found new lands and took to the sky. The history of our species is a history of what we accomplished together when we explore.

New possibilities are out there. At Axiom, we have Hope of finding new life, Curiosity about what we will discover and strive for Achievement of the impossible.

Current Leadership

Elias Volante

Director of Operations

Elias Volante is Vice-President of Corporate Development and Communications at Axiom Space Agency. With an impressive resumé and a domineering presence in Axiom’s corporate-strategy war-room, Volante carries the ASA into new worlds and opportunities with leadership and thoughtful grace in.

As Axiom’s lead strategist, Volante oversees the tactical proceedings of all of Axiom’s intergalactic missions. Laying out the mission objective and its pathways for success, Mission Psy Prime owes its very existence to Volante’s wit and determination. Nicknamed “the Puppet,” his staff consider him the secret fourth crew member of Psy Prime.

Volante also serves as the main public figure of Axiom, directing all press briefings and liaising with the Senate to ensure the transparent messaging to the world of our endeavors. With his steady guidance, society will know the importance of our Axiom’s success and the difference we are making.

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