A mission is only as great as the people leading it and we’re incredibly proud of the crew selected for the Psy Prime mission.

We gratefully thank all the candidates who expressed an interest to participate in the most important endeavour in our history (we have left our application survey open to those who are interested in serving on future missions) . The desire to discover is a condition universally shared, and that we universally understand.

Axiom is proud to introduce to the world the Mission Psy Prime team. They are the brightest from their field, and will lead us to new depths beyond our galaxy of which our forebears could only dream.

Mila Lexa

Mila Lexa


Captain Mila Lexa will lead the Psy Prime mission. Daughter of the famous Sterno Lexa, Mila does her father’s memory justice with continued disciplined and commitment to military service. With over 20 years of experience in the intergalactic military, Capitan Lexa has served on several prominent missions for Axiom, including the Tripolitan war and the discovery of the Merovingian cluster. Mila boasts a proud list of accomplishments and leadership skills to guide Axiom and the Psy Prime team to new heights of intergalactic research.

  • Motivational Leadership 90%
  • Cabal Leadership Doctrines 82%
  • Tactics and Agent Devices 95%
  • Power Conditioning and Application 77%
Silas Haze

Silas Haze


Silas Haze will lead research on the Psy Prime mission. His famous work as a veteran anthropologist include many of the path-finding discoveries in his field of interspecies societies; he will oversee the implementation of Axiom’s scientific endeavours. Silas is the world’s foremost expert on the theoretical alien life. He has conducted many of the major fieldwork studies on alien anthropology and is the author of over three dozen peer-reviewed papers on the subject.

  • Epigenetics 89%
  • Macro-molecular Theoretical Chemistry 86%
  • Applied Classical Ichnology 96%
  • Philosophical Determinism 81%
Aiden Vyze

Aiden Vyze


Aiden Vyse will lead engineering on the Psy Prime mission. He has demonstrated reliable and skillful prowess under pressure for some of the most technically challenging missions in Axiom’s history. His steady hands have proven themselves to be irreplaceable assets in high-demanding circumstances, able to build and repair any machine or device necessary for the success of this revolutionary research mission. Aiden has served proudly with Axiom for over 20 years as a skilled technical mechanic and is well-equipped to master ship coordination and industrial undertakings for the success of the mission.

  • CFD & Thermo-fluid Certified 94%
  • Adiabatic Energy Theory 98%
  • Applied Astrophysics 87%
  • Fusion Reactor Management 91%

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