Update 05

Debate in the Senate

Eden Mass, Axiom Public-Engagement Coordinator, reporting from the steps of the Senate.

Axiom was honored to earlier present to the Senate a detailed and full program for geological, cultural and technological studies of Psy Prime. With our team of the world’s best space engineers and aerospace mechanics, the possibilities truly are endless.

Preparations for Project Pharos are well underway and face no technical hurdles. Currently, the mission plan to travel to Planet Psy Prime is under review of the Senate. However, expediency is required for Project Pharos’ success. Travel conditions to Planet Psy Prime are currently ideal and will only remain so for a limited amount of time.

Opinion polls suggest opposition within the Senate to our hopes of a brighter future. Public demand for this groundbreaking mission stands strong but Senate support hovers at only 37% where a majority vote is needed.

Senators in support of our common-sense plan, representatives of the Kato Party, reaffirm Axiom’s view that researching Planet Psy Prime is not simply a choice, but a necessity.

“How can we possibly ignore this? It changes everything. Biology, chemistry, physics, religion – they’re all thrown into question!” argues Senator Calum Walken, passionately making his case on the Senate floor.

Speaking for the Intelligentsia Party, Senator Stackhouse responded.

“We’re not denying our curiosity, but observing prudence. What hope do we have for a peaceful and productive relationship when violence is their precedence?”

Here at Axiom, we know the will of the people could not disagree more. Our goal is to protect the interests of the future.

Indeed, let us not make the gravest of mistakes. There is no progress without risk, and no glory without hope. We have hope, and we need you.

The choice is in your hands. Anyone can help, and everyone can make a difference.

We urge you to contact your local senator to urge their support for studying Planet Psy Prime. Please send your argument for or against this mission to contact@exploreaxiom.com.

Infographic – Everything you need to know about the debate in the senate.

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