Update 04

Images of Psy Prime

We’re captivated by the discovery of this intelligent species on the exoplanet Psy Prime and we’re prepared to share new details and images of the planet taken from our probe before it was destroyed.

Since they were received, our team has been processing data collected to yield a variety of conclusions about the planet’s geology and the alien species. While there is an abundance of conclusions and details to interact with, we’ll draw your attention to a few we believe are significant.

Image 8338 exhibits part of Planet Psy Prime’s surface, emitting a purple hue over the landscape. It shows the intricate interweaving of Planet Psy Prime’s land and water masses; the formation of the shorelines demonstrates that the land masses are both shifting and decreasing in size very gradually.

Image 8386 has been digitally enhanced to showcase the marvels of the planet’s atmospheric conditions over an otherwise dark area facing away from the nearby star. The cloud activity displayed in Image 8386 resembles a strong weather storm suggesting that Planet Psy Prime’s climate is seasonal.

These images provide us with powerful data about Planet Psy Prime that reinforces our hypothesis that our planet shares striking similarities with the newly discovered exoplanet.

Water-acidity levels in particular point to geochemical findings that give definition to the planet’s semi-rocky terrain, with large amounts of oxides, chlorides, sulfides and fluorides all present. This remarkable data tells us much about the planet’s temperate climate and geology for it to support sustainable, interactive lifeforms.

Additionally, the sudden activity of the storms that Image 8386 and other research highlights indicates inhabitant-induced activity affecting the geology and possibly local economies of the planet’s dominant species.

It’s been consistently noted by commentators that the point of biggest significance is how similar planet Psy Prime is to our own planet – we too marvel at this. A planet with such similar conditions to our own prompts an untold number of questions. Through further study and comparison, we expect to uncover further truth to some of the intellectual community’s longest held theories on origin and evolution.

Axiom has only begun this exciting research and we have so much to learn. As we push forward we welcome you to explore with us.

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Question – “If an alien civilization was discovered, what are the first things you would want to know about their culture?”

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