Mission Psy Prime

The revolutionary Mission Psy Prime, led by Axiom, will mark the most ambitious achievement our civilization has sought to undertake.

Having secured approval from the senate this mission will enable us to explore and research Planet Psy Prime, laying the groundwork for what we intend to be the first ever intergalactic cohabitative partnership.

Statement of Objectives

Axiom’s mission objectives for Psy Prime are aggressive and determined. Like never before, we seek to answer questions both cultural and scientific that stretch our very ability for comprehension. We will change the world with our discoveries and alter the very nature of the possible. Join us as we thrust into a new history.

Observe the Language, Culture and Social Structures of the Dominant Species of Planet Psy Prime
Understanding the communication techniques, the language rules and the social mores of the new planet’s dominant species will allow us to establish protocols for future contact. A full aptitude of the new language’s developmental aspects and of the species’ social structures will also catalyze future studies to better understand our own world and history.

Study the Geological and Biochemical Characteristics of Planet Psy Prime
Preliminary research suggests that Planet Psy Prime is, scientifically speaking, remarkably similar to our own planet. Harnessing new knowledge about the geological and biochemical makeup of Planet Psy Prime will light the path for new scientific frontiers in studying the evolution of our species and how we can best cohabitate on Planet Psy Prime with its dominant species.

Research the Technological Capabilities of the Dominant Species of Planet Psy Prime
There can be no success without assured safety for our civilization. Discerning if the dominant species is capable of detecting our presence and reaching our planet will be a primary focus in this mission.

Interested in serving on this historic mission?

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