Update 02

Probe Mission

Two days ago Axiom Space Agency initiated a deep-space un-manned probe mission, to uncover more details about the recently discovered potentially habitable exo-planets.

Axiom probes have safely execution worm-travel through use of their newly miniaturized singularity drives to enter their target solar systems. Carefully monitoring the celestial signature data, we have confirmed the exit locations were precisely on target.

The probes, equipped with highly advanced lidar laser-mapping remote-sensing technology, will map their target planets and produce three-dimensional images back to Axiom headquarters. These interactive data tables and images can be segmented to indicate the existence of fungi, bacteria or even multi-celled organisms.

We eagerly await our probes’ data transfers and will announce the findings next week.

Each update features a member of the gaming, art, space or technology industry speaking about a question related to the themes explored in The Station. This week features:

Nova Bunny

Twitch Streamer

Question – “Are there any questions you can think of that by discovering the answers to we might harm society? Can you think about anything that we shouldn’t know?”

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