Update 06

Senate Vote Results

Today marks a new chapter in the history of our civilization as Axiom prepares to embark on what will be the world’s most ambitious scientific endeavour.

Thanks to your efforts, the World Senate approved Mission Psy Prime to explore and study the new planet of its namesake. Mission Psy Prime proudly borrows its name from the successful Axiom project that first discovered the potentially habitable Planet Psy Prime.

In a major victory for science and our future, the Senate voted for the mission by a convincing majority of 62%.

Axiom representatives, spurred by the desires of the public and the enthusiasm of new worlds, educated initial opposition, uninformed on the realities of space travel and galactic resource-making on the significance of exploring Planet Psy Prime. Thanks to our efforts, we shifted momentum towards the outcome guaranteed to generate maximum innovation and limitless possibilities.

And with great hope must come danger. Indeed, the existence of a planet-wide conflict on Planet Psy Prime complicates our path but should not deter us from the greatest discovery the universe has yielded.

This risk is but another in a long line of challenges to which Axiom has risen in the past. From our humble beginnings in intra-planetary mining to our expansion into the aerospace industry, space travel, and highly advanced astrophysics-theory application, we are better equipped than any other entity to tackle these risks in the most effective way possible.

We presented to the government a reasonable, common-sense, and safe mission plan to observe and study the geological makeup of the planet as well as the political, cultural, and social arrangements of its inhabiting species. Such study is, after all, prudent before any point of contact.

At Axiom Space Agency, we employ the most accomplished and experienced space scientists, engineers, and astronauts, and are equipped with the world’s most sophisticated space-science technology. We are prepared to tackle the daunting challenge of effectively researching Planet Psy Prime and its species, up close and personal, to answer the pressing questions.

What is to be done? Here at Axiom, we believe the answer is clear, and we are ready.

Each update features a member of the gaming, art, space or technology industry speaking about a question related to the themes explored in The Station. This week features:

Chris Smith

Co-founder of Extra Life Edmonton

Question – “Would you rather discover aliens more or less evolved than us?”

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