Update 03

The Discovery

Axiom is proud to share an unprecedented moment that will define a new era of our civilization. We have discovered a planet with sapient life.

Our DX700 probe has reported data and images back to Axiom to answer the eternal question, once and for all, which we here at Axiom have always known in our hearts to be true, that a habitable world with intelligent life exists within our reach.

The species occupy the celestial body tentatively codenamed Psy Prime, one of the habitable exoplanets in our galaxy that Axiom recently discovered. Psy Prime’s location is roughly 85,120 light-years from our own world.

Reflection’s state-of-the-art optical spectrometer has measured preliminary spectral images of Psy Prime’s dominant, intelligent creatures to deduce their biochemical traits. Our analyses thus far suggest they are a sentient, warm-blooded, bipedal being like us.

Our cameras have captured distinct images of unnaturally constructed infrastructure, suggesting an advanced, industrial race. Initial images also appear to show geographical imbalances of infrastructural sophistication, with some areas indicating points of regression. Axiom remains in the very early stages of data analysis.

This astonishing discovery is however tempered with concern as the alien species is currently engaged in a planetary civil war. Our first priority is the protection of our own home world and people. Therefore, the probe has been destroyed to prevent any chance of this alien race discovering our presence.

We want to acknowledge that despite the circumstances, this is an incredible achievement and will mark a defining moment in our history. Axiom has solicited for the approval of a subsequent research mission to discern more about this civilization. We will respectfully defer to the decision of the Senate. We will outline future mission objectives after a period of public discussion and scientific consultation.

Thank you for exploring with us,
Elias Volante, Director of Axiom Operations

Each update features a member of the gaming, art, space or technology industry speaking about a question related to the themes explored in The Station. This week’s groundbreaking update has consumed Axiom’s internal resources and our scheduled video will be postponed until our next update.

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