Update 09

Announcing the Espial

Axiom is proud to present the Espial Space Station as the vessel serving on Mission Psy Prime.

The Espial is the most advanced spacecraft ever to explore beyond our atmosphere. No other Axiom ship or any spacecraft in history has simultaneously possessed so much power and technological capabilities.

The Espial

Weight – 725,000 T
Volume – 52,000 m3
Propulsion Systems – 4 Ion Thrusters and
retrofitted Singlarity Drive

The Espial is one of the most recognizable space stations developed, with its four large arms. Largely automated, the Espial can operate with as few as two crew members and as many as two dozen depending on the needs of the mission. The modular design of the station means that the specific needs of the mission can be satisfied by attaching facilities as required. For the Psy Prime Mission for instance, the Espial has been fitted with a:

– Maintenance facility for any urgent repairs to onboard mission required machinery
– Hangar bay to allow for several rounds of probe missions to examine and extract geological and biological samples
– Specialized Science Lab with enough power and capacity to collect, decrypt and decipher every byte of data broadcast by the species on Psy Prime

Even the housing blocks of the crew will be attached so they can enjoy their home life in their off work hours.

In partnership with Saito Aerospace Engineering, the Espial has been fitted with Singularity drive capable of transporting the entire space station to orbit the planet of Psy Prime. While tested to near redundancy, using a wormhole singularity drive to transport the Espial to the other side of the galaxy is new ground for Axiom. A risk, that once successfully executed, will mark a pivot in our mastery of the universe.

The Features & Technology of the Espial

Dylar ORP Audio Device

The Dylar audio device, invented by Axiom, was the very first machine to ever apply organic-radical polymers (ORPs) for power generation, revolutionizing material thresholds for small-gadget technology. Connecting to the subject’s ear, the device measures brain activity, hormones and blood pressure to detect moments of intellectual of emotional significance. In such an event, all local audio including the user’s communication device audio will be recorded for later analysis.

Axiom Communication Terminals

Those who work with Axiom know our unyielding drive to develop technology which extends the capabilities and efficiency of our teams. While not entirely new, our classic computer terminal has been ported to a fully augmented reality interface allowing users to access their data in a screenless experience.

The integration of instant messaging, email and note taking through this platform has already shown a significant increase in positive user experience – we hope to commercialize this new design for the public in the very near future and see Mission Psy Prime as the opportunity to test the design in a team scenario.

Augmented-Reality Conversation Cards

These AR Cards bring team communication to life with the ability to drop text in real world space. Compatible with a variety of devices, Axiom designed this platform specifically for the collaborative culture we encourage in our company. With each second a valuable resource on the Psy Prime mission, the AR cards have been have been integrated with the Espial ship systems so the crew can collectively discuss data and research.

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